How Are Moist Moguls Doing In Valorant Challengers?

Let's take a look at how esports team Moist Moguls are performing in Valorant Challengers.

Valorant is quickly becoming the fastest-growing esports league on the scene. The esports scene has seen a welcomed uptick of viewers and fans thanks to the entry of content creators and influencers like Charlie “MoistCr1TiKal” White. Along with fellow Streamer Ludwig Ahgren they own the pro team Moist Mogols. With the North American(NA) Valorant Challengers currently on, let’s take a look at Moist Moguls performance in Valorant Challengers.

Moist Moguls Record in Valorant Challengers

Moist monguls valorant challengers

Created in 2023, the team is under the joint ownership of Twitch Streamers MoistCr1Tikal and Ludwig Ahgren.The team’s current roster includes Alex “aproto” Protopapas, Brock “brawk” Somerhalder, Xavier “flyuh” Carlson, Tyler “sym” Porter and Brady “thief” Dever. For those unfamiliar with the tournament format there are 12 teams that are participating, split into two groups of 6. The top 4 teams from the two groups go into the next stage, Mid-Season Face Off.

Moist Moguls had a rocky start in the tournament. The team lost to Turtle Troops by 2:0 in their opening match on 27th Feb. Their next game against Sopify Rebellion on March 10th was a close battle that they won 2:1.Currently the team stands in 4th place in their group. A tough battle against FaZe Clan on 16th March will decide their fate in the tournament.

Mosit Moguls is a great example of how the collaboration between Streams and other content creators can boost the popularity of the budding Valorant esports scene. The team’s success on and off the screen will no doubt inspire other celebrity investors into the game. While the fate of the team in the near future is up to them, it is only a matter of time before other new teams get their time to shine.

That’s all we have on Moist Moguls performance in Valorant Challengers. Check out our article on Has xQc acquired Turtle Troop and stick around on Gamer Tweak for more Valorant news.