Has Turtle Troop Been Acquired By xQc?

Let's break down the latest in Valorant e-sports news.

Turtle Troop is one of the recent up-and-coming teams in the Valorant e-sport scene. Formally called Squirtle Squad up until January 2023 the team won its way into the big North American(NA) Valorant Challengers. The team has yet to be officially signed, even though they competing in the  NA Valorant Challengers division. But has the Valorant esports team Trutle Troop been acquired by xQc?

Has Valorant E-sports Team Turtle Troop Been Bought by xQc?

Has xqc acquired turtle troop
We can now confirm via sources that Turtle Troop has been acquired by popular twitch streamer Felix Lengyel a.k.a xQc. This puts rumors that xQc was planning to invest in the Valorant e-sports scene in a big way to rest. Felix now follows fellow Streamers Ludwig Ahgren and Jeremy Wang a.k.a Disguised Toast into the growing Valorant market.

Turtle Troop started out as Squirtle Squad back in 2022. Since then this team of fresh-faced youngsters has gathered a small but significant fan following thanks to their performances in various tournaments. The team’s current roster consists of Jack “Add3r” Hayashi, Peter “Governor” No, Tanner “TiGG” Spanu, Matthew “Wedid” Suchan, and Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo. With xQc now on board, the team can take their skills to the next level.

Felix’s purchase of the team signifies the growing popularity of esports among the general gaming community. Streamers like xQc and Ludwig bring with them a large fan following that helps grow the reach of the esports scene to a general audience. Twitch Streamers can become brand ambassadors of teams and the sport as a whole, how far this goes will remain to be seen. While sources mention “No contracts have been finalized”, a formal statement from both xQc and Turtle Troop can be expected in the coming weeks. Fans on both sides are eager to see how fruitful this partnership will turn out to be.

That’s all the information we have on xQc’s purchase of Turtle Troop. Check out the news on the latest Game release dates and stick around on Gamer Tweak for more news.