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Modern Warfare Has A Funny Killing Chair Bug

Chair is your Enemy

Games behave weird sometimes, and recently if you are playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare then how can you miss this one?

Reddit User – dfblh54, some days ago found a bug where players get killed by a chair. This unsuspected bug is funny and a weird way to die in the game. The user found the bug in match of Infected on St. Petrograd, inside a hotel near the front desk there is a friendly chair. If you try to stab it with knife within two attacks you will die and respawn in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.


The chair usually does not respond in a weird way, it like just spinning around. The bug is still active as reported by a few other users, so if you are on the same map or playing a similar level stay away from the chairs in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. They are as dangerous as enemies around the corner.

You can commit death on the spinny chairs on St. Petrograd from modernwarfare


Watch the clip above shared by the Reddit user who went inside the hotel and stabbed the chair. The result was instant death and respawn. Remember objects are also hostile in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, a few users have reported getting killed by random explosions, fall damage, weapon disappear, etc. The game has ample hidden bugs to damage players’ game and there is no way to understand from where they are coming.

Hopefully the bugs will be fixed soon in the next update.