How To Fix Error Code 38 in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Follow this guide to fix Error Code 38 in COD Modern Warfare.

Players of COD Modern Warfare have been encountering the issue of error code 38 popping up frequently and needs a fix. It has been appearing as soon as players launch the game. In addition to this when players attempt to enter a match, the error pops up. If you too are facing the error code 38 issue, you’ve come to the right place. Mentioned below are a few possible fixes to the annoying error code 38.

How to Fix Error Code 38 in COD Modern Warfare?


In-game bugs, errors, crashes and other unfortunate occurrences keep ruining game-play in COD as well as other games. Among these, the most common are network and server errors for which there are a few fixes. Follow these steps to get your game working without error 38 inconveniencing you in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare:

  • Wait for the Error to Be Resolved
  • Check For Game Updates
  • Restart Your Internet Access Device
  • Contact Activision Support

Wait for the Error to Be Resolved at the Backend

It’s possible that servers may be down and when this happens all you can really do is wait. So be patient and wait for servers to resume. This could fix error code 38.

Check For Game Updates

In order to be certain everything at your end is smooth, ensure your game is up to date. If it’s not, download the update by heading to the library. Locate where your games are, then locate your games, select the options tab and check if any updates are pending. Download those updates and install them.

Restart Your Internet Access Device

You can even look at restarting your internet provision device like the router, modem, or portable hotspot which might prevent the error code 38 from appearing.

Contact Activision Support

If none of these fixes worked, you can submit a ticket to the developers at Activision Support. They’ll get back to you with a fix and that should end all your concerns regarding error code 38.

That’s pretty much everything that’s there to fix the error code 38 players face in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. In addition to the error code 38, there are other issues related to servers in Call Of Duty. One thing players need to understand is that this occurs probably because most of the Call Of Duty games are launched from the same client. We hope this guide helped you and you liked it. In case you’re facing more issues in COD Modern Warfare, here’s a guide on How to Fix Dev Error 6070.