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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare All Weapons Video

Enjoy the weapons

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare brings a true military action back into the stream line. Modern Warfare is the best place to dive in hardcore shooting arena where the world is dragged into a war. The best thing it has a campaign and that teaches you everything. The game is amazing in Multiplayer also, but there are few server bugs. This issue was during Breakpoint launch, but later it was fixed. If you want to learn about all weapons of Modern Warfare then there i a video by a Youtuber “Hollow”.

The video shows different weapons and their fire rate. There are SMG’s, rifles, shotgun, sniper, machine guns, pistols and their reload time. You can checkout the fire rate and bullet sounds. Shotguns especially have heavy recoils and slow load time, but the fire rate is heavy enough to damage anyone in the close range. In Modern Warfare you can also adjust the fire rate of some weapons, starting from one bullet to a burst shot.


The video also offers a glimpse on three types of Rocket Launcher. One of them is laser guided, giving you highly accurate shots to take down enemies blocking your path.

Source: Hollow