Mobile Legends Ranking System Explained

Here’s everything you need to know about how the Ranking System in Mobile Legends work.

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the real challenge starts when Ranked Matches are unlocked. But it’s also fun to compete for earning Ranks as it designates your position among millions of other players. Every ML player might already have an idea that winning or losing matches affects rankings but there is more to it. But for those who are fresh to this game, or concept, understanding the Ranking System might be a little difficult. But hey, that’s what we are here for.

Check out here to learn about the Mobile Legends Ranking System and know how it works. Also, learn how can you advance your Ranks from the bottom to the top tier levels.

Here’s How the Mobile Legends Ranking System Works

To earn a Rank in Mobile Legends, you must first reach level 8 and own 6 or more Heroes. Once you are met with both conditions, you can compete in Ranked Matches and start earning XP. The lowest tier, from which you initially start your Ranked journey is Warrior which goes all the way up until Mythical Glory. Each Rank has 4 subranks, for example, Warrior I, II, III, and IV. So you start from Warrior IV, earn XP, reach Warrior I, and then get promoted to the rank above it.

Mobile Legends Ranking System

For your reference, here are all the 8 Mobile Legends Ranks in a bottom to top order:

  • Warrior I
  • Warrior II
  • Warrior III
  • Warrior IV
  • Elite IV
  • Elite III
  • Elite II
  • Elite I
  • Master IV
  • Master III
  • Master II
  • Master I
  • Grandmaster IV
  • Grandmaster III
  • Grandmaster II
  • Grandmaster I
  • Epic IV
  • Epic III
  • Epic II
  • Epic I
  • Legend IV
  • Legend III
  • Legend II
  • Legend I
  • Mythic
  • Mythical Glory (Top 50 Players on the selected Server)

The Ranking System is very important to ensure that you are always in a match with equal (skill-wise) opponents. If this system never existed then the amount of unfair matches would increase and eventually create toxicity in the game. However, that doesn’t mean that you can not enter matchmaking with your friends. You definitely can do that but both of you should not be more than 2 Ranks apart.

Apart from this, make sure that your Credit Score is always above 90. Because if it drops down below it, then you won’t be able to enter matches. Credit Score is only reduced when players do unethical activities in-game like going AFK or cheat.

How to Rank Up in Mobile Legends

As I mentioned earlier, you need to win matches to level up your Rankings. Also if you lose, your rankings will drop. The best way to rank up smoothly is by picking up the most number of wins early on. I know it sounds foolish but trust me, it works. Pick up a hero and continue playing with it until you master its arsenal. Because if you know your character in and out, you can easily dominate your enemies.

At the end of the season, you will receive rewards for achieving a Rank. And when the new season begins, you will drop a few ranks below. This keeps the fun in the game going. Below, we have mentioned the rewards that you get after ending the season with a certain Rank in Mobile Legends:

  • Warrior Rank Rewards
    • Premium Skin Fragment x1
    • 100 Tickets
    • 1000 Battle Points
  • Elite Rank Rewards
    • Premium Skin Fragment x3
    • 200 Tickets
    • 2000 Battle Points
  • Master Rank Rewards
    • Season Exclusive Skin
    • 300 Tickets
    • 4000 Battle Points
  • Grandmaster Rank Rewards
    • Season Exclusive Skin
    • 600 Tickets
    • 7000 Battle Points
  • Epic Rank Rewards
    • Season Exclusive Skin
    • 1000 Tickets
    • 12000 Battle Points
  • Legend Rank Rewards
    • Season Exclusive Skin
    • 1500 Tickets
    • 20000 Battle Points
  • Mythic Rank Rewards
    • Season Exclusive Skin
    • 1500 Tickets
    • 20000 Battle Points
    • Mythic Battle Emote (Seasonal)

The Skins that you get as rewards at the end of the Season differ each season. This increases a player’s interest to compete in Ranked Matches even more.

That’s everything there is to know about the Mobile Legends Ranking System. To rank up easily, ensure to check out our Mobile Legends Tier List. We have ranked all the Heroes in that list, so you can pick the best one for yourself.