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CSGO: How To Moan & Use Its Keybind Command

Here is how you can bind a key to moan in CSGO.

There is a moaning command in CSGO that you can use to make your game quite interesting. The command basically allows you to use player radio to catch your team off guard. No not by your gun skills but rather by using some obscure sounds. And if you like to make the match awkward for your team then this is the best thing you could go for. So in this guide let us check how to use the moan keybind in CSGO and learn the command for it.

CSGO Moaning Command

moan keybind command in csgo

You can use the in-game console to bind a key on your keyboard to use the playerradio command. The command to use moan in CSGO is: bind keyboard key “playerradio deathcry MOAN”. And in order to use the above command, you also need to have the console enabled. Here is how you would bind the key.

  1. Launch CS: GO and open the settings.
  2. Now, go to the game tab.
  3. Find the option “Enable Developer Console“.
  4. By default, it should be No, change it to Yes.
  5. After changing click on “Apply” at the bottom.
  6. Press the “~” to open the console. This is the default key for it.
  7. After you open the console enter the above command. So for example, if you want to use the U key to Moan then you will enter the following command.
  8. bind U “playerradio deathcry MOAN”
  9. Hit enter to start using the U key on your keyboard to make your character moan.
  10. U is just the key we used for our example. You can use any other key on your keyboard to achieve the same result.

Another catch here is you need to enable sv cheats for using it. Valve has removed the command recently from using in regular matches so even if you do bind it you’ll find that you are unable to use it. But you can still have fun with it in custom lobbies. Enter the following commands in the console to be able to moan in the game.

  • sv_cheats 1
  • sv_playerradio_use_allowlist 0

After using the above commands you can spam the key and moan to your heart’s content in the game!

how to moan in csgo

That covers this guide about the Moaning Command in CS: GO and how to use it. If you need more help on other topics for this game then be sure to check our guides on the best dot crosshair settings, smoke spots for dust 2, and weapons skins of all time.