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Murder Mystery 2: How To Get Chroma/Godly Weapons

Here's how you get Chroma/Godly Weapons in MM2.

Murder mystery 2 is a fan-favorite Roblox game that launched in 2014 and has since hit over 9.7 billion visits from players who keep coming back for more. This popular Roblox title has transformed into a collectathon with various knives, guns, and pets that you can unlock. Many players want to get their hands on the rare Chroma and Godly weapons in Murder Mystery 2 and here’s how you can do that.

How to get Chroma or Godly weapons in Murder Mystery 2

murder mystery 2 chroma weapons

Chroma weapons are variants of rare godly weapons in the game. These are the methods to unlock them in the game.

  1. Unboxing Crates-This is the most common way you can add a Chroma weapon to your inventory. Each crate has the chance to drop a knife or gun of different rarity, starting from common to Chroma. You can unbox crates for 1000 coins, and 100 diamonds or use a Mystery key. The chances of unlocking a Chroma are extremely low but it is known to happen.
  2. Crafting-The Chroma Seer is the only chroma that can be unlocked by crafting. The materials need are God metal and Godly shards. Godly shards are obtained by salvaging any godly weapon and the god metal can only be salvaged from Seer. Combining these materials will give you variants of the Seer, You can get pink, gold, blue, and if you are lucky The Chroma Seer.
  3. Trading-The most common way you can get a Chroma is through trading with other players. Players are always on the search for weapons and skins to complete their inventory and trading is the best method to do that.

There are 19 Chroma weapons in MM2 and most of them were launched in seasonal crates like the Chrismas Event 2022 and Halloween Event 2022. These crates were available for a limited time only, making trading the only way you can unlock these skins.

These are the different ways you can get Chroma weapon types in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2). Check out our MM2 Values List and other Roblox-related articles on Gamer Tweak.