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MLB The Show 22: How To Edit Uniforms

Not sure where you get the option to edit your Uniforms in MLB The Show 22? Keep reading this guide to learn everything you should know about it.

MLB The Show 22 is out and just like last year allows you to edit your uniforms. So whether you are a new player to the series or have played the past games the method to edit is pretty easy. That is not all the game also gives you the option to edit your logo. But for this topic let us quickly check how to edit your uniform in MLB The Show 22.

How to Edit Uniforms in MLB The Show 22


how to edit your uniform in mlb the show

You can edit your uniform in MLB the Show 22 by customizing them from the Diamond Dynasty. These are the exact steps for it.

  1. Go to Diamond Dynasty from the menu.
  2. Next, click on the customize tab.
  3. Here, choose Edit Uniforms.
  4. This will bring up two options.
    • Custom Road: Use this option to customize your uniforms completely.
    • MLB/MLB Road: This option is useful when you want to edit the uniforms from an existing jersey.


You get several options to edit, below are the options you get when editing your cap.

  • Base Style
  • Main Color
  • Style Color
  • Bill Color
  • Under-bill Color
  • Bill Edge Color
  • Top Button Color
  • Hole Stitch Color
  • Stripes
  • Stripes Color

These options change based on the apparel you edit. You can press L1/LB or R1/RB on your PlayStation and Xbox controllers to switch the apparel that you wish to edit. The game allows you to edit both your Home and Away uniforms. It lets you edit Cap, Jersey, Jersey Sleeves, Socks and Cleats, Batting Helmet, Pants, and more.


A piece of advice for editing uniforms, when making custom uniforms try to keep the Home Uniforms in a light shade or a bright color. As for Away uniforms give them a heavy shade or a dark color. This helps in distinguishing the teams.

That is everything you should know about how to edit uniforms in MLB The Show 22. Since you are interested in this game you should also check our guides on how to fix the network error and how to check server status if you are getting connection issues. Also, check our guide on what all you can and cannot transfer in MLB The Show 22.