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MLB The Show 21 Difficulty Levels: How Does Dynamic Difficulty Work?

Here's how the difficulty settings work in MLB The Show 21 and how it gets adjusted with Dynamic Difficulty.

Whether you are starting out with a baseball game for the first time or are a veteran of this franchise, all players want to know about the difficulty levels of this game. What are the different difficulty settings and adjustments? Moreover, what’s dynamic difficulty in MLB The Show 21 and how does it work? You will get all the answers right here!

What are the MLB The Show 21 Difficulty Levels?


how to change difficulty settings mlb the show 21

MLB The Show 21 has the feature of Dynamic Difficulty. That means as you play, the game will change the difficulty levels according to it. For Pitching or Batting, you can choose this setting if you’d like. First, you have to choose your team as well as gameplay style from Casual, Simulation and Competitive. Next, you can pick one difficulty level out of six. They are Beginner, Rookie, Veteran, All-Star, Hall of Fame, and Legend (Quite self explanatory). When you have selected one, you can decide if you want to keep Dynamic Difficulty turned on or off from the Settings Menu. If you set it to ON, then you will see that the game’s challenge changes according to your performance.

MLB The Show 21 Dynamic Difficulty Explained


MLB The Show 21 Dynamic Difficulty meaning

MLB 21 is one of the best games to try out dynamic difficulty in because every player has an opportunity to succeed. Depending on your skill level, your experience of the game will differ but it will be a learning experience. You will also realize where you need to improve and what you are good at. If you start winning too often, your difficulty will be adjusted and then you have to play as per the changes. You will be informed of this in the game, though, so it won’t be a surprise.

In a nutshell, your performance will determine what the difficulty level is in MLB The Show 21 if Dynamic Difficulty setting is turned on. In case you do very well while pitching, then the toughness will be ramped up in that category. Whereas if you are struggling in say, batting, then it will be reduced one level.


With these changes and Difficulty levels in MLB The Show 21, you won’t get bored with this game since it’s constantly changing with you, making it engrossing and fun.

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