Mortal Kombat 11 Team Battle Mode Unlock Guide

Team Battle Mode in Mortal Kombat 11 lets you compete with other people online cooperatively, but in order to do so first you will have to unlock the mode and only then can you battle with other people. Once you have done this you will unlock the Teamwork achievement.

How to Unlock Teamwork Trophy

To get this trophy first you will need to complete the four tutorial towers in the Towers of Time section which you can find in the Konquer menu.

After you are done with this you will gain access to the regular ones. Find a boss tower which will only have one enemy in it.

Select this option and when you enter the Group Fight screen, either you can invite friends by selecting the appropriate option or you can search for players online who are waiting to team up.

That’s about it, you will unlock the trophy regardless of the outcome of your match and gain access to the new game mode.

The boss tower is usually difficult and unless you already know the move set and what you’re going to do you’ll probably end up losing the battle.

That’s how you get this trophy early on in the game, you can now invite friends to co-op online or invite strangers to tag team along with you and defend Earthrealm.

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