Sub-Zero Combos Guide & List – Mortal Kombat 11 Moves Tutorial

Get list of all combo moves of Sub-Zero and how to perform them

Sub-Zero is a popular character, he uses ice attacks to freeze enemies and in Mortal Kombat 11 he is upgraded with more amazing attacks. In this MK11 Sub-Zero Combos Guide, you will learn his combo moves and learn about controls to perform them on PS4. This time in MK11 Sub-Zero joins Scorpion and is on a mission to find out what’s wrong with the world. Sub-Zero attacks are a blend of punches, kicks and elemental attacks of ice. He can freeze and make an enemy immovable some good set of combos are good enough to permanently block enemies attack and keep him on the floor.

Sub-Zero Combos Tutorial – PS4 Controls

  1. Cold Encounter – Square, Triangle, Circle.
  2. Frozen Over – D-pad Right + Square, Circle, X.
  3. Icy Grave – D-pad Right + Square, Circle.
  4. New Threat – Triangle, Square, Triangle.
  5. Final Draw – D-pad Left + Triangle, Circle.
  6. Unchained – D-pad Right + Triangle, Square.
  7. Frosty – D-pad Right + X, Triangle, Square.
  8. Frigid Storm – D-pad Down + D-pad Left + Triangle.
  9. Death-Cicle Barrage – D-pad Down + D-pad Right + Triangle.
  10. Below Freezin: X, X.
  11. Slide: D-pad Right, D-pad Left, x.

Sub-Zero is pretty good in close combat attacks, and he can simply jump over and get on the back of the opponent to dodge their attacks. That is the best move I think you should practice, in this way you can dodge a ton of combos. Plus his freezing attacks are also good enough to give you a little time to decide what will be your next move.

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