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Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Multiple Endings Guide – Good vs. Bad


Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath DLC story has two endings. One is good and second is bad, so before proceeding SPOILER ALERT. If you had not played the game enough and does not want to know the climax just skip this article and visit Mortal Kombat 11 Wiki page.  And if you want to know how to get the good ending or bad ending in MK11 Aftermatch then here are the details.

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath – How to get Good Ending?


At the end after defeating everyone Shang Tsung kills his companions. He wants to be the ultimate ruler of the Universe. His over-ambitious attitude results end of many warriors, even those who supported him. So if you want a good ending then choose Fire God Liu Kang. This will trigger a fight between Shang Tsung and the Fire God.

Fire God Liu Kang Combos Tutorial – PS4 Controls

  1. Twin Lotus – Square, Triangle, X.
  2. Dark Orders – D-pad Right + Square, Triangle, Circle.
  3. Done Listening – Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square.
  4. Dragon’s Breath – D-pad Left + X, X, X, X.
  5. Chinese Warrior – D-pad Left + Circle, X, D-pad Up + X.
  6. Fireball – D-pad Right + D-pad Left, Square.
  7. Low Fireball – D-pad Down, D-pad Right, Square.
  8. Flying Dragon Kick – D-pad Right, D-pad Left, X.
  9. Bicycle Kick – D-pad Right, D-pad Left, Circle.
  10. Shaolin Vanish – D-pad Down, D-pad Up.


You will need details about Fire God moves and combos. You can use this against Shang Tang, being a Fire God Liu Kang is strong and can beat him easily. This fight will be mostly effortless. After defeating Shang Tang, there is a cutscene where Fire God visit Kung Lao, a Shaolin monk and member of White Lotus Society.

Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath – Bad Ending?

If you choose to play as Shang Tsung then you will trigger the bad ending. This is where the king turns into a monster and kills Fire God Liu Kang. He absorbs his chi and becomes a God. But this does not look enough for Shang Tsung. His new appearance is like a huge gold-like being sitting on a throne somewhere in the middle of the Universe. Depending on which character you pick the ending will change. Whichever ending you pick there will be a fight between the Fire God and Shang Tang which concludes MK11 Aftermath DLC.