Mitrasphere Tier List And Reroll Guide (2023)

Here's a guide on Mitrasphere Tier List & how to Reroll.

You have five classes to pick from as the hero: Swordsman, Guardian, Cleric, Archer, and Mage. Co-op boss battles and raid events will be accessible in addition to the main campaign. However, your weapon, in addition to the character you pick, is crucial in these many game types. So to help you find the best weapon in the game for your class, here’s Mitrasphere Tier List and Reroll Guide.

Mitrasphere Tier List

Mitrasphere Tier List

Here’s  Mitrasphere Tier List according to Reddit :

Swordsman Class

Weapon Tier
Dark Impulse Equal
Bronze Sword Equal
Crystaleater Equal
Earth Edge Equal
Holy Buster Equal
Mitra Claymore Equal
Mythril Blade Equal
Steel Blade Equal
Stone Edge Equal
Woodeater Equal

Magic Devices

Weapon Tier
Adelight Legendary (Four Star)
Calm Klingel Legendary
Crystal Sphere Legendary
Cubey Cube Legendary
Dommage Bottle Legendary
Fortune Cards Legendary
Fruttafru Legendary
Lebelle Legendary
Mad Flare Legendary
Metal Core Legendary
Omnicelestial Globe Legendary
Phantom Skull Legendary
Plosion Bomb Legendary
Poison Flash Legendary
Ruins Coin Legendary
Sand Horaire Legendary
Spike Ball Legendary
Timeworks Legendary
War Flame Legendary
Wood Germ Legendary
Adelight Super Rare (Three Star)
Calm Klingel Super Rare
Crystal Sphere Super Rare
Cubey Cube Super Rare
Dommage Bottle Super Rare
Fortune Cards Super Rare
Fruttafru Super Rare
Lebelle Super Rare
Mad Flare Super Rare
Metal Core Super Rare
Phantom Skull Super Rare
Plosion Bomb Super Rare
Poison Flash Super Rare
Ruins Coin Super Rare
Sand Horaire Super Rare
Spike Ball Super Rare
Timeworks Super Rare
War Flame Super Rare
Wood Germ Super Rare
Adelight Rare (Two Star)
Calm Klingel Rare
Crystal Sphere Rare
Cubey Cube Rare
Fruttafru Rare
Lebelle Rare
Mad Flare Rare
Metal Core Rare
Phantom Skull Rare
Plosion Bomb Rare
Poison Flash Rare
Ruins Coin Rare
Sand Horaire Rare
War Flame Rare
Wood Germ Rare

Mage Class

Mitrasphere Weapon Tier List
Bronze Baton Legendary (Four Star)
Crystal Wand Legendary
Dark Cane Legendary
Earth Rod Legendary
Holy Zhezl Legendary
Mitra Scepter Legendary
Mythril Baton Legendary
Steel Stick Legendary
Stone Rod Legendary
Warlock Bottoms Legendary
Warlock Suit Legendary
Wooden Stick Legendary
Bronze Baton Super Rare (Three Star)
Crystal Wand Super Rare
Dark Cane Super Rare
Earth Rod Super Rare
Holy Zhezl Super Rare
Mythril Baton Super Rare
Steel Stick Super Rare
Stone Rod Super Rare
Wooden Stick Super Rare
Bronze Baton Rare (Two Star)
Crystal Wand Rare
Earth Rod Rare
Mythril Baton Rare
Steel Stick Rare
Stone Rod Rare
Wooden Stick Rare

Guardian Class

Weapon Tier
Bronze Spatha Legendary (Four Star)
Crystal Clod Legendary
Dark Fang Legendary
Earth Plate Legendary
Holy Spine Legendary
Lordly Mail Legendary
Lordly Tassets Legendary
Mitra Knight’s Spada Legendary
Mythril Cutlass Legendary
Steel Falchion Legendary
Stone Plate Legendary
Wooden Stake Legendary
Bronze Spatha Super Rare (Three Star)
Crystal Clod Super Rare
Dark Fang Super Rare
Earth Plate Super Rare
Holy Spine Super Rare
Mythril Cutlass Super Rare
Steel Falchion Super Rare
Stone Plate Super Rare
Wooden Stake Super Rare
Bronze Spatha Rare (Two Star)
Crystal Clod Rare
Earth Plate Rare
Mythril Cutlass Rare
Steel Falchion Rare
Stone Plate Rare
Wooden Stake Rare

Cleric Class

Weapon Tier
Bishop Bottoms Legendary (Four Star)
Bishop Robe Legendary
Bronze Spike Legendary
Crystal Mace Legendary
Dark Thorn Legendary
Earth Club Legendary
Holy Crown Legendary
Mitra Randello Legendary
Mythril Flanged Mace Legendary
Steel Mace Legendary
Stone Club Legendary
Wooden Staff Legendary
Bronze Spike Super Rare (Three Star)
Crystal Mace Super Rare
Dark Thorn Super Rare
Earth Club Super Rare
Holy Crown Super Rare
Mythril Flanged Mace Super Rare
Steel Mace Super Rare
Stone Club Super Rare
Wooden Staff Super Rare
Wooden Staff Rare (Two Star)
Stone Club Rare
Bronze Spike Rare
Crystal Mace Rare
Earth Club Rare
Mythril Flanged Mace Rare
Steel Mace Rare

Archer Class

Weapon Tier
Archer Bottoms Legendary (Four Star)
Archer Suit Legendary
Bronze Shooter Legendary
Bronze Shooter Legendary
Crystal Arrow Legendary
Dark Attrition Legendary
Earth Sniper Legendary
Earth Sniper Legendary
Holy Emit Legendary
Mitra Arc Legendary
Mythril Aim Legendary
Steel Arrow Legendary
Stone Sniper Legendary
Wooden Bow Legendary
Bronze Shooter Super Rare (Three Star)
Bronze Shooter Super Rare
Crystal Arrow Super Rare
Dark Attrition Super Rare
Earth Sniper Super Rare
Earth Sniper Super Rare
Holy Emit Super Rare
Mythril Aim Super Rare
Steel Arrow Super Rare
Stone Sniper Super Rare
Wooden Bow Super Rare
Bronze Shooter Rare (Two Star)
Bronze Shooter Rare
Crystal Arrow Rare
Earth Sniper Rare
Earth Sniper Rare
Mythril Aim Rare
Steel Arrow Rare
Stone Sniper Rare
Wooden Bow Rare

Mitrasphere Reroll

Mitrasphere Reroll Reddit

Here’s how to get reroll in Mitrasphere according to the weapon Tier List:

Method 1

  • Delete the save file
  • The file can be located at:
    android/data/data/(game folder)
  • For this, you will need root access to your device.

Method 2

  • Create a new email ID.
  • Make a new account in Mitrasphere.
  • Link your new account with the new email.

Method 3

  • Delete and reinstall the game to get new reroll
  • This might not work sometimes, so use the other 2 methods above.

That’s everything you need to know about Mitrasphere Tier List & Reroll according to Reddit. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Tier Lists to know our rankings for characters in other games.