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Where To Get Mirror Herb (Location) In Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Here's a detailed guide on Mirror Herb location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The “Hold Item” mechanic has always been a massive part of Pokemon Games. This mechanic allows you or your Pokemon to gain a specific advantage in a battle against other Trainers. Mirror Herb is a new item held by your Pokemon. This item will help you in a battle and outside of it as well. If you too want to get your hands on this item then don’t look any further. In this article, we will tell you about the Mirror Herb location and how to get it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Where to Find Mirror Herb (Location) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Mirror Herb location in SV

In order to get Mirror Herb, you have to go to the Delibird Presents Shop in Cascaraffa. Go to the North-West side of Mesagoza and you will find this town. Once you reach there, head to the North entrance next to the Asado Desert. There, you can buy this item for 30,000 Poke Dollars. Now, this may seem like a steep price for an item but it is well worth it. So make sure you farm some money before visiting this shop. Once you get this item, you can give it to any Pokemon in your party. This has two distinct uses.

How to Use Mirror Herb in Pokemon SV

In a Battle

If your Pokemon is holding Mirror Herb, it can copy the stat boosts of your foe. For example, your opponent uses a stat boost move like Rock Polish or Swords Dance to raise their stats. By using Mirror Herb, you can increase your stats by the same amount. This will help you negate your opponent’s advantage over you. But note that you can only use this once.


Learning Egg Moves

With the help of this item, you can learn an Egg Move from any Pokemon regardless of the Egg Group. To do so,

  • Select a Pokemon you want to teach the Egg Move and make it hold the Mirror Herb. Make sure this Pokemon has one empty move slot.
  • Then select another Pokemon which has the Egg Move and start a Picnic.
  • And Voila! Your Pokemon will learn the move which is exclusive to breeding.

That’s all from us on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mirror Herb Location and How to get it. For more helpful guides like Where to Find Mimikyu and Violet Dusk Stone Location, check out our SV section soon.