How To Craft Spyglass In Minecraft

Know how to obtain the items needed to make Spyglass in Minecraft.

In the Java edition 1.17 20W45A snapshot, Spyglass in Minecraft has been added. It is a part of the upcoming major Caves and Cliffs update and if you want to try it out, here’s how to make or craft Spyglass in Minecraft. Players of the Bedrock version will not be able to get this as if now, but those with Java version do have access.

How do you Create a Spyglass in Minecraft? (Crafting Guide)


To craft a Spyglass, you need 1 Amethyst Shard and 2 Copper Ingots. If you don’t have these items, keep reading to know how to get them.

How to obtain Amethyst Shards?

You will get Amethyst Shards from fully-grown Amethyst Clusters – you can acquire four shards or even more with Fortune. Basically, you need to look for Amethyst Geode structures underground that have Amethyst Blocks which grow Clusters. Simply break them with an iron pickaxe or higher to obtain shards. Note that these Geodes have multiple layers. The outer one is called tuff, the second one is called calcite and the inner one is made of various Amethyst blocks.

Plus, there are Budding Amethysts. A small Amethyst bud will grow on the side of a Budding Amethyst block if there is air or water source block next to it. The buds will also grow Amethyst Clusters.


How do you get Copper Ingots?

You can get Copper ore from ore blobs anywhere in Overworld but to get Copper ingot, you have to smelt Copper ore. So, in order to find copper, you can do the same process as iron and coal.

This is how to craft spyglass. Now, let’s see how you can use this item!

How to Use Spyglass in Minecraft?


You can use spyglass as a tool to see things in locations that are far away from you by clicking Use Item/Place Block. Once you do this, the spyglass will spring into action and give you a zoomed-in and focused look at whatever you are trying to see along with a circle vignette. If you press F1, you can remove the circular lens if you don’t like it. This is perfect to act like a captain or to spy on others.

That’s how to make Spyglass in Minecraft using Amethyst Shard and Copper Ingots. While you are here, learn how to create an Iron Golem, Stone Cutter, Smoker and more in our Minecraft Guides.