How To Find Nether Fortress In Minecraft

Find the Nether Fortress in Minecraft.

Our favorite blocky game features an underworld. And no, Minecraft doesn’t feature hell, although Dungeons does get pretty close to that. The Nether world is as expansive as the Overworld and can be a joy to traverse at times. Like the Overworld, there are various features that you can get to see in the game. One curious one that players keep missing however is the Nether Fortress. In this guide, we will tell you exactly How and Where to Find the Nether Fortress in Minecraft.

Where to find the Nether Fortress in Minecraft

Nether Fortress in Minecraft
Find out the location of the Fortress in the Nether world.

The Nether Fortress is actually not that hard to spot as many players have mentioned. It is relatively easy provided that you follow a few steps. They are as follows:

  • Nether Fortresses usually are found along the Z-Axis in Minecraft, i.e. the North-South Axis, in strips.
  • They usually spawn around 100 blocks away from you along the Z-Axis where your starting point usually is.
  • If you still have trouble spotting one it can be helpful to move in an East-West direction on the off chance that you find yourself in between strips.
  • There are multiple Nether Fortresses in the game so once you have found one of them you can continue along the same path to find another.
  • The Nether World is limitless so you can keep finding Nether Fortress again.
  • Another handy tip is that you can use Night Vision potion to help you spot a Nether Fortress easily.
  • You can use external tools such as AMIDST that can help make a map of such structures in the game making it easier for you.

This is everything you need to know about How to Find Nether Fortresses in Minecraft. Now that you’re burning the midnight oil find out about the Minecraft Day-Night cycle as well as How to Breed Horses in the game.