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Minecraft: How To Get Bamboo?

Here’s how to get bamboo in Minecraft

Gathering resources is the key to keep expanding your base in Minecraft. The problem is how vast the game is how much you have to travel and scrape through to find resources. Bamboo is one such resource, finding it is a task as it is only available in the Jungle biome. There are multiple uses of Bamboo so you can’t afford to miss out on it. Let’s see how to get Bamboo in Minecraft.

How To Get Bamboo In Minecraft?


Minecraft bamboo
Bamboo is only found in the Jungle biome, the difficult part is finding the Jungle biome. Finding biomes is a very tedious and long process in Minecraft, unfortunately, there is no way around this. The only tip we have is to try finding biomes through water on a boat, this will help you travel faster. Head out in the ocean in your boat to find the Jungle biome. It is not difficult to identify it as you will see those huge trees from a distance. Once in the biome, you will lots of long bamboo trees, just go to anyone and cut it. Every tree will give multiple bamboos.

There are other ways also to get bamboo in the Jungle biome. You can fish in the rivers of the Jungle biome as they have a lot of Bamboo. You can also get bamboo from the Jungle fortress but locating a bamboo tree is way easier than finding the Jungle fortress. One more way to get bamboo is by killing Panda’s but what kind of a sick person would do that, so please don’t use this trick.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the game if you get on the just plant next anywhere and in minutes you will a new tree and more bamboos. If your inventory is packed you can always take some back and plant it at your base. Bamboos can be used of cooking, smelting and other things but it’s majorly used to make scaffolding. These can be further used to go up and down a building.


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