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Minecraft: Where To Find Slimes?

Let’s see where to find Slimes in Minecraft

Resources spawn very randomly in Minecraft, while some are biome-specific some are time-specific. Slime has both conditions, it is found in the swamp biome (not the swamp hill biome). The spawning of slimes is also dependent on various factors like time, moon cycle in the game, etc. Let’s simplify this and see where to find Slimes in Minecraft.

Where To Find Slimes In Minecraft?


The first thing you should do is reach the swamp biome, there is not hack around this so you will have to locate the swamp biome on your own. We recommend you use the boat and try finding it through the sea as it will help you travel faster. Once you are in the Swamp biome press the F3 button and check the regional difficulty. The regional difficulty is a combination of many factors, it ranges from 0-6.75. Higher regional difficulty means there is a high probability you will find the Slimes. Slimes are usually found at Y level 50-70 and the light level should be less than 7.

The spawning of slimes is also dependent on the moon cycle, the probability of slimes spawning is the highest during a full moon and the least during a new moon. Make sure you check all these criteria before going out to find the Swamp biome. Once all these criteria are meant you will abundance of slime in the swamp biome so focus on these.

Another way of getting Slime is from Slime chunks. You can find slime chunks in any biome except the Mushroom field biome. Start digging below level 40 and dig in a pattern to form a 3×3 tunnel. Make the tunnel 10 chunks long as every 1 out of 10 chunks in Minecraft is a Slime chunk. Keep digging and do check in some time to find some Slime chunks spawning. Any of these methods can be used as both are equally effective.


That’s all you needed to know about how to get Slimes, do check out our article to know how to get Bamboo in Minecraft.