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Minecraft Error 502 Fix Guide (2022)

Learn how to fix the Error 502 in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is an online Sandbox game made by Mojang. Since it is an online game, it has the fate of suffering from error problems like other types of online games. The worst type of errors that players can experience is the Runtime Errors, especially Error 502. This is an error code that occurs when there is an issue with the connection between you and your client. In this guide, I will show you how to fix Error 502 in Minecraft.

How to Fix the Error 502 in Minecraft


minecraft error 502 fix

As mentioned above, The Error 502 in Minecraft is a problem that occurs when there is a Network connection problem between the Minecraft Servers & your Client. There could be multiple reasons as to why this is the case but the major reason could be that the servers are down for Maintenance. Don’t be disheartened as there are plenty of ways to fix this issue.

Check Server Status


If you are facing the Error 502 in Minecraft, then the Servers may be down. In such cases, you as the player cannot do anything other than wait till Minecraft or the server owners performs a Maintenance Break to fix the issue at hand. You can check the Server Status or check for any updates from their Twitter.

Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes the problem does not lay in your Gaming System, it can be in your Weak Internet Connection. So I would recommend checking your Internet Network from your Gaming System. Another thing you can try is to Restart your Router. There is a concept called Power Cycle where you shut your Router for a while and then start it again. Perform this step to fix the Error 502 in Minecraft. If after doing these steps your Internet Connection is still weak then you should contact your ISP.


Restart your Gaming System to fix the Error 502 in Minecraft

Restarting your Gaming System is the oldest trick in the book. Usually, it’s the easiest and the most effective Solution to most errors, just like this one. Restarting your Gaming System works as it will reload System files and will refresh cache data that was interrupting your connection to Minecraft’s Servers. After performing this step, the Minecraft Error 502 should get fixed.

Update Minecraft


If there is a Network Connection issue then it may be part of the version mismatch of Minecraft. If you have the Microsoft Store version then start up the Store and click on Library at the bottom left of the screen. Once you get into the Library, you will be able to see a Get Updates button. Click on it and it will update Minecraft if it has an Update. If you are using any other versions then I suggest starting up the Minecraft Launcher and checking for the updates there.

Disconnect Devices & VPNs from the Network

You should disconnect all unnecessary devices that are connected to your Internet Network. This decreases the load on the Router and can focus all of its Bandwith on your Gaming System. Although this step can work, it usually does not make a difference but does give it a try to fix the Error 502 in Minecraft. While you are at it, secure a Wired Connection to your Gaming System. If you use a PC then it will be Wired by default. But if you are using Console then get a Wired Connection. Also, disable any VPNs if you are using them. They may cause interference as you play the game.

After applying these Solutions, the Minecraft Error 502 should get fixed. this was all about fixing the Minecraft Error. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like How To Light TNT & Make It Explode in Minecraft.