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Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity Boss Guide

This fiery monster is out for your blood

The Redstone Monstrosity is a boss that you will encounter in the Fiery Forge. He’s a challenging boss who will be taken down only with a good strategy. Simply attacking him with long ranged weapons will not cause him much harm. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat the Redstone Monstrosity Boss in Minecraft Dungeons.

How To Kill The Redstone Monstrosity


Similar to the Redstone Golem, but far more powerful, this Redstone Monstrosity boss will ensure that you have a tough time beating him. But don’t worry, use the tricks given below to defeat this monster in Minecraft Dungeons.

Let’s take a look at what kind of attacks he does. He will hit the floor with his arms and cause an attack that will affect every opponent standing on that particular area. The Redstone Monstrosity will also unleash cubes of lava that will constantly come towards you to attack you. Although not too threatening on their own, these cubes can be deadly if you let them build up. Finally, the monster will throw little fireballs at you that will deal some amount of damage.

Tactics to use in this boss fight


Now, here’s how you can protect yourself from his attacks. Firstly, dodge every attack as much as possible. Stay far from him and use your arrows but don’t rely on them completely because this monster is much stronger than that. You can surely use your arrows to kill off the cubical allies though.

There will also be lava on the ground that you must try to avoid. You can use Boots of Swiftness to run away from the fiery monster’s fireballs or lava cubes. When he is summoning his little friends, that’s the best time to unleash your melee attacks because those are the moments when he will be most vulnerable.

If you notice, there will be pillars around the area which you can activate. In a few moments after activation, these pillars will push out blocks of fire that will deal a lot of damage to the Redstone Monstrosity as well as his little cubes. Make sure to time your escape from that area because you can get burnt in that fire too. You can also summon a wolf in case you want some extra help to beat him.


So the basic strategy to defeat Redstone Monstrosity boss is to get some melee attacks in while he’s busy summoning smaller creatures and making sure that he finds himself in the area where the blocks of fire will appear. Keep moving, avoid the lava on the ground and protect yourself from the fireballs.

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