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Minecraft Dungeons Tips for New Players to Make Your Gaming Experience Easier

Minecraft Dungeons for New Players

Minecraft Dungeons immerse players in the procedurally generated levels. There they have to chop enemies, search for treasures, and level up the hero. We’ve put together some Minecraft Dungeons tips. They will help you understand the basic elements that are so easy to miss. After you read these Minecraft Dungeons tips for new players, you will be able to deal with the game easier.

Replay the Levels Several Times

Minecraft Dungeons uses a random generation of levels and rewards. This makes it not only more replayable, but also allows you to get the best equipment. If you have completed the level, then just run it again. It is likely that you will get a completely different loot from the killed monsters and chests. We also recommend increasing the difficulty of the level. The quality of the items obtained depends on it. You can evaluate possible level rewards on the mission selection screen.

Spend Your Emeralds

According to Minecraft Dungeons wiki, you will receive equipment and emeralds when you go through levels. Emerald are magic stones that can be exchanged for valuable items from merchants located in the camp. You will meet the first one after passing Creeper Woods, and the second merchant is in cages with residents.

Merchants have armor, bows, weapons, and various artifacts. Artifacts temporary bonuses that increase strength, speed, and other indicators. At the moment, it is impossible to spend emeralds on other purposes, so do not save them, but spend on equipment and upgrades.

Do Equipment Recycling

The next part of our Minecraft Dungeons guide is recycling. Unnecessary equipment and artifacts are best processed into emeralds. If a weapon differs in characteristics and you always need to have several options, then armor and amplifications improve with each level. Simply put, the higher the level, the better ones you get. Therefore, you should not carry a lot of equipment with you.

Do Not Forget to Use Level Points

For each level, you will receive enchantment points, which can be found in the backpack. These points are required to unlock equipment bonuses.

Always Check your Inventory

We recommend checking your backpack regularly, even while exploring the dungeon. When you are in a hurry, it is very easy to miss valuable loot. For example, if you are lucky, then you can find enchantment on weapons there that will inflict additional damage to a certain type of enemy or something else.

Use Different Weapons

To defeat opponents in Minecraft Dungeons, you will need to constantly switch between melee and ranged weapons. For example, if the enemy is very close, then you need to take a pickaxe. And if you need to kill the enemy at a distance, then use a bow.

Go Back to the Camp

After completing the level, a chest with 50 emeralds appears in the camp. Therefore, before starting the next level, do not forget to visit the camp.

These simple Minecraft Dungeons tips for beginners are able to make your character stronger and your gaming experience better.