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Minecraft Dungeons Online Multiplayer – How To Play Online Guide

Play with friends through internet

Minecraft Dungeons supports Local Co-op Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer. On Local network a group of upto 4 friends can play together by adding different controllers. But if you are looking for details on how to invite someone online to join your game then you are on the right page. In this guide you will learn how to add or invite a friend in Minecraft Dungeons to play with you via internet connection. This feature is available for PC and Console. What about crossplay?

How to add online friends in Minecraft Dungeons to play together?

Complete the tutorial first, only after that you can access the main mission and invite a friend to join your game. Unlock the first camp in Minecraft Dungeons and a Friend option will be displayed on the top right of the scree. On Xbox One press the Options button to access Friends Menu. For PC you can just click on it. Press the relative keys on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft Dungeon How to play Online

How to invite friends in Minecraft Dungeon?

To add or invite friends on Xbox One, you need the gamertag. For PC it is the Minecraft ID, the same goes  to PSN ID and Switch ID. There are four slots in the friend section. You can add upto 4 friends in online multiplayer.

Select Add Friend button and type the gamertag or Minecraft ID in it. Remember you cannot add a Xbox One player to PC. Same goes to PC players, they cannot play with Xbox players. Crossplay is not enabled in the game.

Online multiplayer only works if all the players on one common platform. Enter the gamertag or minecraft id, it will appear below online or offline list. Click the INVITE button next to the ID to add a friend to your game. In case you are not able to see anything hit the Refresh button.

Once you click on the INVITE button your friend will receive a notification if he or she is online. They just have to accept it and they will be added to your game.

How looting works?

Looting works differently in Minecraft Dungeons online multiplayer, it is evenly shared among the players so that no one is left empty handed. Also all the loots you collect will be yours, none of your friends in the session can claim it.

Enjoy playing with upto four friends online or on local co-op using different controllers. And the game does not supports split-screen mode.