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What are Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons?

Here all the perks

Upgrading your weapon is a core task in Minecraft Dungeons, without this you can face lot of challenges in battle. There are different types of weapons in the game which are divided into two categories. They are Melee or Ranged weapons. To complete the build there are armors and gears.

Enchantments are nothing but perks that boost the power of your armor and weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Like higher damage, fast health recovery, speed, etc. In this guide you can learn about what are enchantments, how they work, how to unlock them, etc. 


What are Enchantments?

Enchantments are important and necessary to learn, they are perks that make your weapons, armor and gears stronger. You have freedom to use a different enchantments on different items.  You will have choice to use two or three enchantments which is unlocked using enchantments points.

Enchantment points are rewarded after leveling up. Almost all perks in the game has a fixed effect, finding a right combination makes the real difference. Weapons and Armor in Minecraft Dungeon has three perk slots. Every enchantment will give your hear a boost. Weapons are divided into melee and ranged type while armor are your wearable gear.


Every enchantment has three levels of upgrade, the cost of unlock them increases with each. You can also get free enchantments points by salvaging weapons.

Why it is important to upgrade Enchantments?

Enchantments or Perks divided into two primary categories, Common and Powerful. Second one’s are the most costly to upgrade. It is necessary to unlock new levels of Enchantments to make your hero stronger. For example Sharpness is an enchantment that you will unlock early in the game. It focuses on increasing the damage, with each level the damage percentage increases. Upgrading them will make your hero unstoppable.


  • Level 1 – +10% Increase Damage. Unlocks with 1 Enchantment Point.
  • Level 2 – +21% Increase Damage. Unlocks with 2 Enchantment Point.
  • Level 3 – +33% Increase Damage. Unlocks with 3 Enchantment Point.

Without perks you will be missing some of the best powers in Minecraft Dungeon. It is necessary to check your load-out whenever you get a new weapon or armor. By clicking on the item you will see the type of enchantment attached. You can start with an Level 1 unlock and proceed further to increase the weapon power. And when you salvage you will also see the amount of Enchantment point you will earn back.

Here is an list of important guides that can tell you more about Minecraft Dungeon enchantment for melee weapons, ranged weapons and armors.


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