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List of All Abilities/Artefacts In Minecraft Dungeons & What they do?

Learn how artefacts works?

Artefacts in Minecraft Dungeons are special abilities like the Golem Kit. You can summon Iron Golem for 30 seconds who fights on behalf of you. You can equipe three Arterfacts and use them during the battle. Each has a power level that determines the amount of damage on enemies, you can combine artefacts to improve them. You can also upgrade to enhance their efficiency and reduce cooldown period using enchantment points. With over 21 artefacts in Minecraft Dungeons it is confusing what not to salvage. In this guide you can check the list of all Artefacts in Minecraft Dungeons, their cooldown period and what they do.

List of all Artefacts and their Stats

1. Boots of Swiftness

  • Power: Gives a short boost to movement speed.
  • Damage / Effect: Short term movement Boost
  • Cooldown – 5 Seconds

2. Corrupted Beacon

  • Power: Fires a high-powered beam that continuously damages enemies.
  • Damage / Effect: Damage and +1 Soul Gathering.
  • Cooldown – No Cooldown

3. Death Cap Mushroom

  • Power: Greatly increases attack and movement speed.
  • Damage / Effect: Boost attack speed and movement speed.
  • Cooldown – 30 Seconds

4. Fireworks Arrow

  • Power: Puts a fireworks arrow in your quiver. The arrow explodes on hit.
  • Damage / Effect: Boost Ranged Damage.
  • Cooldown – 30 Seconds

5. Fishing Rod

  • Power: Pulls the closest mob in range to your position, briefly stunning that enemy.
  • Damage / Effect: Stun Enemy
  • Cooldown – 5 Seconds

6. Flaming Quiver

  • Power: Gives you burning arrows.
  • Damage / Effect: Get Ranged Damage Per Second.
  • Cooldown – 30 Seconds

7. Ghost Cloak

  • Power: Briefly gain Ghost Form, allowing you to move through mobs and absorb some damage.
  • Damage / Effect: Increase Damage and move through mobs.
  • Cooldown – 6 Seconds

8. Golem Kit

9. Harvester

  • Power: When used, the Harvester releases souls in an explosion. (Requires Souls).
  • Damage / Effect: Artifact damage & +1 Soul Gathering.
  • Cooldown – 1 Seconds.

10. Iron Hide Amulet

  • Power: Provides a major boosts to defense for a short time.
  • Damage / Effect: Increased defense.
  • Cooldown – 25 Seconds.

11. Light Feather

  • Power: Lets you tumble through the air, stunning and pushing enemies back as you go.
  • Damage / Effect: Stuns enemies and pushes them back.
  • Cooldown – 3 Seconds.

12. Lightning Rod

  • Power: You can spend souls to call down a bolt of lightning onto an area.
  • Damage / Effect: Artifact damage & +1 Soul Gathering.
  • Cooldown – No Cooldown.

13. Love Medallion

  • Power: Turn up to three hostile mobs into allies for ten seconds before they disappear.
  • Damage / Effect: Turns mobs into allies and boosts their damage.
  • Cooldown – 30 seconds.

14. Shock Powder

  • Power: Stuns nearby enemies.
  • Damage / Effect: Stuns enemies.
  • Cooldown – 15 seconds.

15. Soul Healer

  • Power: Heals the most injured ally nearby, including yourself.
  • Damage / Effect: Instant healing effect and +1 Soul Gathering.
  • Cooldown – 1 seconds.

16. Tasty Bone

  • Power: Summons a wolf to aid you in battle.
  • Damage / Effect: Summon damage
  • Cooldown – 30 seconds.

17. Torment Quiver

  • Power: Gives slow arrows that knocks back mobs and passes through walls.
  • Damage / Effect: Phase through walls and increased knockback and +1 Soul Gathering.
  • Cooldown – 1 second.

18. Totem of Regeneration

  • Power: A totem that creates a circular aura, healing you and your allies.
  • Damage / Effect: Healing aura effect
  • Cooldown – 25 second.

19. Totem of Shielding

  • Power: This totem has mystical powers that shield those around it from projectiles.
  • Damage / Effect: Projectile shielding effect.
  • Cooldown – 20 second.

20. Wind Horn

  • Power: Pushes enemies away from you and slows them briefly.
  • Damage / Effect: Pushes a number of blocks.
  • Cooldown – 10 second.

21. Wonderful Wheat

  • Power: Summons a llama to aid you in battle.
  • Damage / Effect: Summon damage
  • Cooldown – 30 second.

With over 21 abilities some of them can be salvaged to unlock points. It is not required to keep them all, and you can combine artefacts to boost their efficiency. They can be applied on weapons, gears and armors. The highlighted ones are the best artefacts to use in Minecraft Dungeons.