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How To Play As Antman in Minecraft – PymTech Mod Guide

Shrink to an Ant's Size

Minecraft is an interesting place to building things you want, but what if you are looking for some superpowers? Yes, there is one free Minecraft Mod that allows you to shrink your size to the size of an ant. Inspired from Avenger’s Super Hero Antman, the mod is free to download. In this guide, you can learn how to install Antman mod in Minecraft and how to use it.

How to download Antman Mod

Search for PymTech Mod in Google, and you will see a link to visit Curseforge. This was before called Antman mod and now it is renamed as PymTech. The feature of this mod is that it allows you to shrink and grow your size. Also, you can change the size of your pets and house. Doesn’t this sound interesting, and in future, the modder is going to add Quantum Realm in the mod, right now you can have the superpowers.

How to Install Antman Mod

  1. Download and install Lucraft: Core and Just Enough Items (JEI) Mod first. These two mods are required to create Pym Particles in Minecraft. Both the mods are available for free.
  2. Lucraft: Core adds the option to enable Super and JEI let you see the recipe of Pym particles. You will need the fluid, you can fill it in the suit, or keep them in buckets. From buckets, you can use the fluid to craft disc or move them to Structure Shrinkers to craft structure shrunker blocks.
  3. You can select an area you want to shrink using the structure shrunker blocks. Pym-Particles requires energy so you can here you will have to use furnace generator from Lucraft: Core.
  4. Shrinking cost 10.000 FE (Forge Energy) and 1000mb (milli buckets) Shrink-Pym-Particles. After shrinking a structure you can collect in and drop it in a different place. Next throw grows disc on it and it will be restored back to its original size.

Remember to install the necessary mods first which are Lucraft: Core and Just Enough Items (JEI) and then add Pym Mod. You can download it by visiting its official site, but if you are unable to get it then search for a lower version which is provided by some third party site in the form of .jar file.