How To Get Minecoins For Free (2021)

Here are some ways using which you get Minecoins for free

Minecoincs are the in-game currency of Minecraft. While it might seem that there might not be enough things to buy in such a simple game, there are several uses of Minecoins. You can buy a variety of skins, crates, worlds using Minecoins. Unfortunately, you need to spend real currency to buy Minecoins, but that’s where we step in. Read till the end to know some ways using which you can get Minecoins for free.

How To Get Minecoins For Free In Minecraft

Minecoins free
1) Microsoft Rewards

Players can get the app from the app store, or simply register themselves on the website as well. This platform gives you points for simple tasks like answering quizzes and polls. You also get rewarded to use Microsoft products like Bing and Edge, you can fetch extra points also by making them your default browsers. Once you have enough points you can claim them in form of Xbox gift cards. You can further use those gift cards to buy Minecoins for free

2) PointsPrizes

This is another platform that rewards you for watching videos, playing games, and filling out surveys. You get points which can be later redeemed in form of Minecraft gift cards. You get extra points for sharing the app and joining the discord channel, so don’t forget to do that.

3) Google opinion rewards

This one is a fairly popular app, you get rewards in form of play store rewards which can be further used to buy Minecoins. Players will have to give reviews for places and restaurants to earn points. Keep your location on to get more places to review. You can convert the points into Play store gift cards which can further be used to buy Minecoins.

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