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Starfield: How To Mine Chlorosilanes

Chlorosilanes is used for research and crafting purposes in Starfield. It is a rare resource. This guide will help you understand how to mine them.

The resource belonging to Uncommon Tier 1 – Chlorosilanes is used for crafting armor and weapons, upgrading equipment, and also for research, mods, and structures. It is highly valued and this guide will explain how to mine Chlorosilanes in Starfield.

How to Mine Chlorosilanes in Starfield

How To Mine Chlorosilanes in Starfield

Chlorosilanes can be found on different planets and appear relatively early in the game. You can find Chlorosilanes in these locations:

  • Jemison (Alpha Centauri)
  • Gargarin ((Alpha Centauri)
  • Volii Epsilon (Volii)
  • Earth (Sol)
  • Mars (Sol)
  • Europa (Sol)
  • Sumati (Narion)
  • Dalvik (Narion)
  • Procyon 1 (Procyon A)

By going up to the Chlorosilanes Seep you can harvest it by clicking on the ‘E’ button, you will mostly find these in Jemison and Gargarin by exploring around the area.

Another way is to open maps by clicking on the ‘M’ button, then to display the resources, click on ‘R’, and move your cursor around the planet to find any Chlorine reserves. Click on that area and go there with your ship. Select ‘F’ to use your scanner and check your surrounding area for it.

Soon enough you will find a Chlorosilanes vein and set up an outpost next to it to harvest it for yourself.

If you find this option too tedious, you can also purchase it from a variety of vendors. This option is good if you want to collect them quickly without any extra work.

You can find vendors in the commercial district of New Atlantis – The UC Distribution Center and another one is in New Atlantis at Jemison Mercantile.

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Mining Chlorosilanes can be beneficial and is easily obtainable if you keep an eye out while exploring planets. To learn more about resources in Starfield you can also check out our Starfield Wiki guide on Gamer Tweak.