How to Use Mimic & Gain Memory Stones in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

You can play as one of the NPC's in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, the new feature is tricky to use.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles brings a new mimic system that allows players to use the appearance of an NPC. There are many NPC’s in the game you will meet throughout the game. You can make your self look like the character and explore the region. Here is a guide on how to use the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Mimic feature and also how to earn some memory stones.

How to play as NPC in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

To use the Micro Feature you will need some Memory Stones. You cannot transform your characters into the NPC without having one in your inventory. There are around 28 NPC’s appearances in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Not all can be copied there are some restrictions in the Mimic feature. Like you cannot use an NPC that does not belong to your tribe and anyone who is not displayed outside the dungeon.

How to find Memory Stones?

Memory Stones in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are located in hard dungeons. You can find them in Moogle Homes, there one in every town, port, and dungeon. You will have to track down all Moogle Homes and look for hidden holes and doors. Inside the home talk to the Moogle wearing a vest, you will unlock a Mog Stamp.

Finding matching Mog Stamp unlocks free Memory Stone, this also a way to find Memory Stones in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. After finding a Memory Stone, by default, you will unlock some an NPC Skin. More skins are available in the DLC while some of them are free and can be found in the game.

To use an NPC appearance find an NPC and interact with the same. Select the character and apply the Mimic from Set Out Tab in the game menu. This is one way of using the Mimic feature while the second way is finding the Moogle wearing vest in Moogle Home. The Moogle will help you to modify your character and give you options to change the appearance.

Once the Mimic is applied it does not disappears, it remains the same. You will have to visit the Moogle wearing Vest or simply interact with the NPC once again to remove it. In short, it can be removed in a similar way it was applied. Now you can simply mimic different NPC’s appearance in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.