How To Get The Bodega Cat Suit In Spider-Man: Miles Morales

To unlock Bodega cat suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you will have to complete two side missions — Looter and Cat's Pyjamas.

There are plenty of suits that you can unlock in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. One such suit is Bodega Cat Suit. The best thing about Bodega cat suit is it does not give you any new mods but it allows you to fight crime alongside a cat.

If you really want to unlock Bodega cat suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you will have to complete two side missions — Looter and Cat’s Pyjamas. If you have been having trouble unlocking cat suit in Miles Morales then we have a guide covering the same in a very simple manner.

How to unlock the Bodega Cat-suit in Spider-Man Miles Morales

Cat Spider Man Miles Morales Gu


Looters is one of two side missions that you must complete to unlock Bodega Cat suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This mission will come only when you have met Aaron for the first time and managed to unlock the FNSM App after you’ve completed the main mission, La Nochebuena.

After accessing the FNSM App, select Looters!!! from the list of all side missions, before heading towards the Teto’s bodega, which you can find in Harlem near Miles’ flat. When you get inside, you will know that Teto has been robbed and the thieves have stolen his cat, which is called Spider-Man.

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In order to find Spider-Man, you will have to go the power station, located north-east of Teto’s bodega and enter through the vent atop the roof. Once you managed to get inside, head through the gap into top right-hand corner of the room and take ou the guard you face.

Once you have knocked them out, you will want to repower the generator with the help of venom power, before following Spider-Man down the elevator shaft. You can get access to the elevator shaft by pulling on the gears and then webbing them once the elevator has moved upwards.

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Clim down the elevator shaft and you will end up landing in a room, which has a lot of criminals that you will have to take out. After beating them, go down the corridor at the northern end of the room and go through the small vent to reach another group of criminals who you will have to beat.

Once you defeated them, blast the power controls and go down the next vent to reach the next room where you’ll repeat the process.  After defeating all enemies, you can safely flip the main breaker to find out that it’s not working.

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Now, it is time to head up the stairs to the left of the switch and blast the control panel, followed by connecting the two nodes with some webbing to bring power back to the generator. When you do so, a final wave of enemies will arrive along with the Spider Man.

You will have to defeat them to save cat Spider-Man and return him to Teto, who will be pleased to see his cat back.  For completing the Looters side quest, you will get 10 Activity Tokens as well.

Cat’s Pyjamas

Once you are done completing the main campaign for Spider-Man Miles Morales, you can easily find the Cat’s Pyjamas in the FNSM App. You simply need to select Cat’s Pyjamas from the list of side mission and then Tato will ask you to swing by a shop, located just down the road from Miles’ flat. You can reach there instantly by using fast travel.

Cat Spider Man Miles Morales

Once you get there, head into Teto’s bodega and give cat Spider-Man a pat to unlock the Bodega Cat Suit. Now, you can easily swing about the city with cat Spider-Man.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock cat suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. While you are here, you might be interested in to read about how to change suits and how to get Spiderverse Suit In Spider-Man Miles Morales.