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Miitopia Access Key Codes List: Best Mii Designs

Here is the best Miitopia Access Key codes list.

Miitopia was recently remade and published on the Nintendo Switch, and it has received a revamped character creator, which allows players to design Miis in more detail than ever before. Naturally, some exceptionally gifted and innovative gamers have created genuinely incredible recreations of characters from other games and brands. So let’s look at how to use the Miitopia Mii Access Key codes list to get these characters in your game.


What are Access Key Codes?

Access Key Codes List Miitopia

Players may download Miis based on popular video game characters or programs with Miitopia Access Key Codes. They’ll assist you in changing their characters’ appearances. These are essentially online-shareable stored copies of other players’ creations. However, in order to access this feature, players must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership.


How to Use Access Keys in Miitopia?

It’s easy to use an access key in Miitopia. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen, choose “Mii characters.”
  2. Select “Mii characters” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Receive.”
  4. Choose “Access key” when the game asks “Receive from whom.”
  5. Enter the alphanumeric code.
  6. Select the Mii you want to download.
  7. Choose “Receive.”


Best Miitopia Mii Codes – Access Keys List

Here are some of the best Miitopia Mii codes for designs of famous characters from Animes and games:

  • 7W0XJ2H code for Bowser
  • 5PHXFR0 code for Brock
  • 4P5DMXC code for Callie
  • 3RVHRGR code for Diglett
  • 3B5MWNK code for Dr. Robotnik
  • 6HVT0YM code for Elma
  • 232YVJV code for Ganondorf
  • 3RVHRGR code for Gastly
  • 6B10GN8 code for Goku
  • 6DXWBVX code for Incineroar
  • 4K89CRH code for Inkling
  • 1NBTC4W code for James
  • 1NBTC4W code for Jesse
  • 3RVHRGR code for Jynx
  • 6HVT0YM code for Kanna
  • 6HVT0YM code for Kobayashi
  • 30DN42F code for Koffing
  • 6B10GN8 code for Krillin
  • 4P5DMXC code for Link
  • 7W0XJ2H code for Luigi
  • 4GH3KT code for Majora
  • 15PCK1L code for Makoto Nijima
  • 4P5DMXC code for Marie
  • 4P5DMXC code for Marina
  • 7W0XJ2H code for Mario
  • 6B10GN8 code for Marnie
  • 3L02FXR code for Midna
  • 6B10GN8 code for Nezuko
  • M3WC0M code for Pauline
  • 4P5DMXC code for Pearl
  • 6B10GN8 code for Piccolo
  • P2FJX6 code for Pikachu
  • 6HVT0YM code for Quetzalcoatl
  • 3XPNM03 code for Rengoku
  • 15PCK1L code for Rise Kujikawa
  • 15PCK1L code for Rosalina
  • 33BHP31 code for Ryuji Sakamoto
  • 5LH4GTF code for Ryuko
  • 15PCK1L code for Sadayo Kawakami
  • 5LH4GTF code for Satsuki
  • 7W0XJ2H code for Shadow
  • 3B5MWNK code for Sonic
  • 3XPNM03 code for Tanjiro
  • 251LHXC code for Tingle
  • 7W0XJ2H code for Tingle 2
  • 1NBTC4W code for Toad
  • 6HVT0YM code for Tohru
  • 7W0XJ2H code for Waluigi
  • 7W0XJ2H code for Wario
  • 33BHP31 code for Yosuke Hanamura
  • 15PCK1L code for Yukiko Amagi
  • 4P5DMXC code for Zelda


That’s everything you need to know about the best Miitopia Mii Access Key codes list. While you are here, make sure you check out How to Get Past Serious Soldier too.