Mighty Doom Weapons Tier List

Rip and tear your way through Mighty Doom with our Tier List on all the weapons.

Fans of the relentless Doom Series can now get a taste of hell right in their pockets. Mighty Doom sees you play as a miniature version of the Doom Slayer on an endless rampage against hoards of demons. Guns are a mini slayer’s best friend, but some guns are better than the rest. Take a look at our Mighty Doom weapons Tier List to rip and tear until it’s done.

All Mighty Doom Weapons Tier List

mighty doom weapons tier list

Here is a list of all the weapons you can unlock in Mighty Doom. Starting from the S tier where the game’s best weapons are placed, to weapons you should avoid in the D tier. Note that these rankings are based on our personal opinion of the game and in no way the objective truth.

Weapon Tier
Unmaker S Tier
Ballista S Tier
BFG 9000 S Tier
Gauss Cannon A Tier
Super Shotgun A Tier
Plasma Rifle A Tier
Crucible A Tier
Combat Shotgun B Tier
Rocket Launcher B Tier
Chain Gun B Tier
Heavy Cannon C Tier
Frag Grenade C Tier
Arc Grenade C Tier
Ice Bomb D Tier
Flame Belch D Tier
Acid Split D Tier
Burst Rifle D Tier

The best weapon to use in the game is the Ballista. The gun is a great secondary weapon thanks to its ability to deal extra damage to demons weak to plasma. The weapon can also deal extra damage with its bonus effects of pierce damage on demons. The Super Shotgun is another great weapon to use for these close encounters. The weapons in the S Tier are capable of clearing a room in seconds and that’s what makes them the best weapons in the game.

That’s our tier list of the best weapons in Mighty Doom. For more on the game, check out Mighty Doom codes list to unlock some special in-game rewards.