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What Is The Microwave Code In Find The Markers?

Learn the solution to the Microwave code in Find the Markers.

Roblox Experience Find the Markers is a delightfully fun game where you collect different kinds of markers. Now that might sound simple but many of the markers can only be got by solving puzzles or using some kind of glitch. One of the many markers you can collect is the Noob Marker. But the marker is locked behind a code and many players can’t find the required ID. Let’s look at what the Microwave Code is in Find the Markers.

What is the ID for the Microwave Code in Find the Markers?

what is the microwave code in find the markers
Find the Markers always manages to set up the most simple solution to their puzzles. The ID you need to input into the microwave is the same as your user ID in Roblox. To check your ID, Open Roblox on a web browser of your choosing. It is important to note that this method only works on a browser and not on the desktop app or your phone. Once you’re on the site go to the Profile option on the left just below the home button. Now check the URL bar on the top, the combination of numbers after ‘/user’ is the ID you have to use to open the microwave. Note this number down.

Now start the game and make your way to the big brown house in the snowy region. Walk up the stairs and enter through the door. Go up the second floor to the microwave in the kitchen. Now put in the numbers you saved. If you’ve input the correct combination, the fireplace next to the refrigerator should open up to reveal the Noob Marker. Click on him to add another marker to your collection.

Hope that answered any quires you had on what the ID for the Microwave code is in Find the Markers. Check out our guide on How to get the Clover Marker and other Roblox Game Guides here on Gamer Tweak.