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Will Discord Be Destroyed Like Skype If Microsoft Purchases It?

Can Discord's eventual purchase lead it to downfall? Read here to know more

The biggest news that made waves on the internet was the fact that Microsoft was open to purchase Discord for a price of $10 Billion dollars, but as the day grew ever since the news was released, a growing sense of fear crept in the minds of people who have been using Microsoft products about whether Microsoft would do the same thing it did for Skype and ruin it for people all over the world.


Discord has been loved and accepted by the gaming community all over the world as it helps everyone to keep in touch via official channels where you can follow to get daily updates and even talk to the devs from time to time. San Francisco based Discord has been accepted as the official means of communications via tons of developers as it gives free service to everyone and includes things like text, voice, and video features. While Microsoft has been on the hunt to increase its product base ever since 2019, they’ve unsuccessfully tried to purchase apps like TikTok and Pinterest.

Will Discord Be Destroyed Like Skype If Microsoft Purchases It

One major complaint towards Microsoft is the fact that by overhauling Skype and frequently updating it, the app has alienated its previous customers to a point where they’re not even able to get the chats carried over to the new app. Other than the fact that there’s a huge mistrust, they’ve been making huge strides in providing games from various developers at a cut price to Xbox Game Pass subscribers as well as their recent purchase of plenty of gaming studios.

There is a huge focus on gaming development from Microsoft as they’ve shown in recent years, ever since Phil Spencer was made executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft and the head of Xbox. A lot of changes have been made and it looks more like a cultural shift that will affect all gamers instead of just a company that is trying out a new method of business. So if you’re wondering about Will Discord Be Destroyed Like Skype If Microsoft Purchases It, there are way too many factors involved in it to give an answer right now

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While it was Microsoft that introduced charges for multiplayer games to be able to play games online with other people, this seems like phase two in that strategy where you will be provided with tons of content that will never seem enough.


Those close to Discord seem firm that the company would not sell for $10 Billion and would rather go public and raise capital for their operations by offering shares. Whatever the future holds for Discord it pretty much is straightforward, that together with the communication app or without it, Microsoft seems to be on an unstoppable road where they plan to blanket the entire industry leaving just scraps for everyone else.