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Microsoft Tries To Neutralize PS5 With Counterattacks But Later Retracts

Since yesterday we know what steps are necessary to move the PlayStation 5 from the standing to the lying position in the teardown video of the new Sony console. In that sense, Microsoft tried to neutralize PS5 with counterattacks but later the Redmond giant retracted as the idea didn’t go well.

You may remember the legendary Sony video in which Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes show how the distribution of used PS4 games works. Microsoft previously made negative headlines with very far-reaching DRM plans that were later withdrawn.


Seven years after the video, the Redmond company apparently wanted to counter-attack. After yesterday’s teardown video for the PS5, which showed the interior of the console, Microsoft circulated two pictures on Twitter that were supposed to show the Xbox Series X being moved from the standing to the lying position.

With this, the company reacted to the stand of the PS5, which is detachable and, depending on the positioning, has to be attached to the intended locations – which should be done in a few seconds.

While the sharing video (published at the bottom of this article) for the PS4 became legendary, Microsoft’s counterattack on PS5 fizzled out on the first day. The Redmond company had overlooked one thing: the Xbox Series X can be put on its side without any problems.


But you can still see the base on the corresponding picture that was shared on Twitter, which makes Sony’s solution look more sophisticated in the end. The result: the tweet was removed later (as can be seen in the Google Cache).

In the past few months, Microsoft has regularly caused minor taunts, even if Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is of the opinion that something like this is not productive.

The Xbox Series X will be released on November 10th. The initial success of the new consoles depends primarily on the quantities available. In both cases, there was a swift sale.