Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: How To Take Off

Want to experience the true feeling of touching the sky with your aircraft? Check out this guide on how to take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

As soon as the game launched, Microsoft Flight Simulator has received rave reviews for its gorgeous graphics. It has essentially changed the game and we are super excited about it. If you want to try it out, note that playing this game needs focus, quick thinking and a desire for exploration. There are a lot of aircrafts you can fly in this game but before that you need to know how to fly them. For this purpose, learn how to take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 right here.

How do you Take Off in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Before you move to the process of getting airborne, disengage the parking break by pressing Y/B on the Xbox controller. If you are using a PC, the default controls are Ctrl + Num Del buttons. With your mouse, you can also click the parking break lever.

Next, set yourself up on the runway, that is, taxi into position for take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can steer your aircraft on the ground and then get ready to throttle up. Do this by pressing the A button (controller) or F1 (keyboard). And for the mouse controls, you have to locate the throttle lever first. Then increase the throttle.

Stay on the center of the runway and get a good speed. Once you have that, turn the left analog stick downwards to move upwards. For PC, press the number 1 to lift off.

That’s pretty much how you can take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Now you can explore the vast world and take in its beauty from thousands of feet above. It might sound easy but if you’re unaware of these terms and don’t have prior experience with flight simulators, don’t miss the tutorial. It will help you a lot. If you want to modify the difficulty settings, read our guide on how to adjust difficulty in Microsoft Flight Simulator. With these tips, you will know how to change the settings as per your requirement.