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Back 4 Blood Mic Not Working Fix

Mic not working in Back 4 Blood? Here is the fix to the issue.

Back 4 Blood being a co-op multiplayer game, communication in-game is Key. Communication between players is very important as it can make or break the game. You can communicate to other players via text chat or voice chat, Voice Chat being the superior one. But sometimes our mics don’t work. In today’s guide, I will show you how to fix your Mic when it’s not working in B4B.

How to fix the Mic Not Working issue in Back 4 Blood

mic not working

There are plenty of reasons why our Mics don’t work. It could be a hardware issue, software issue, or even an issue that doesn’t even relate to the game. The issues of the mic not working in B4B are:

Audio settings mismatch in PC

In the Sound settings, of your PC or gaming device, you will have an option of choosing your Mic from multiple options. Choose the correct option. The wrong option will inevitably not pick up or output any audio.

Mic Settings for Back 4 Blood

Check if your Voice chat is on Push to Talk or not. This seems like an unreasonable thing but it can happen that you were on Push to Talk. If not then put it on Push to Talk and then bring it back to Automatic. This will reset your Mic and will make it work. Messing around with Mic Volume will help you gauge if your Mic is working or not. Do the same for Voice Volume as well.

The mic is still not working in B4B

If your Mic is still not working then the issue might be larger than it seems. The first thing you should do is to restart Back 4 Blood. If that doesn’t work then restart your gaming system. This should reset the problem that caused your Mic to not work. Another way is to check if your Audio Drivers are up to date. Due to older versions, drivers don’t function correctly so do check on that.

Busted Mic does not work

If none of the above solutions work then one of two things are happening. One, the game is facing a glaring issue where Voice chat is not working. In such cases, Back 4 Blood will go under maintenance to fix the issue. Two, the Audio device that you use, which is the Mic or has the Mic, is not working. This is a hardware issue of which you may have to replace the device itself. Another hardware issue could be the Ports of your system have turned to a state of not working.

These were the ways you can fix the Mic not working issue in Back 4 Blood. Hopefully, this guide helped fix your issue. You can also check our guides on B4B on nightmare mode and Fixing Profile Service Issue in Back 4 Blood.