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Monster Hunter Rise Server Status: Is MHR Down?

Have trouble connecting with the game's servers? Here's a quick guide to help you out.

Since its release in 2021, Monster Hunter Rise has taken the gaming world by storm. Made especially for the Nintendo Switch the game takes the Monster Hunter formula and shines it to perfection. But players are running into issues while trying to connect with friends online. This might be due to the game’s servers being down. Here’s a guide on how you can check the Monster Hunter Rise server status.

How to check Monster Hunter Rise server status

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A great place to check if the game’s server is down is by following the developer’s official Twitter account. If you don’t see any specific updates on server status, you can always look for information on the Nintendo Maintenance Information Board. Check out the main page of the game for any updates or hotfixes taking place. There can be many reasons behind down servers, the most common being a sharp rise in the number of players or maintenance. The game’s developers like to keep their players updated on these issues and thus are very active on Twitter.
Here are all the ways you can check if servers are down.

Visit the game’s page on Reddit to see if other players are encountering the same issue. The problem might be of a different nature and you can look for fixes or updates there. If there doesn’t seem to be any buzz around server status, the problem might be your internet connection. Reset your router and game to try and reconnect. If all else fails get in touch with Capcom USA Support or check out Steam Support if you’re on PC.

These are all the methods you can use to check the game’s server status. Once you’re back to playing the game, check out our guides on Monter Hunter Rise to unlock all the game has to offer.