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How to Farm Omniplegia Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Here’s everything you need to know about Omniplegia Sac and how to farm it in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise takes the basic roots of the Franchise and builds upon it making a name for itself while satisfying the expectations of the veteran fans of the franchise. Just like its Predecessor MHR also revolves around hunting animals and monsters in your surroundings. Players get resources from hunting which helps them advance further in the game. Omniplegia Sac is one such resource so read till the end to find out how you can get your hands on Omniplegia Sac in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Farm Omniplegia Sac?


Monster Hunter Rise Omniplegia Sac Farming

Many weapons in the high rank need Omniplegia Sac to be upgraded. The rarity of Omniplegia Sac and its dire need adds to the competitiveness of the game. Omniplegia Sac can be obtained from only one monster and that is the Volvidon. Volvidon is only found in Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains and only players in the high rank will get Omniplegia Sac after defeating him.

Volvidon is a strong monster with that hard shell around so defeating him won’t be easy. Players should prepare well, gather all the resources they can, and need to go all guns blazing (or in this case swords and traps) to get the Omniplegia Sac.


Keep in mind the Head and the Back is one of the weakest parts of the Volvidon so direct all your hits there. While his back is breakable his head should be your top priority. Volvidon is very prone to Water and Ice so keep your weaponry in sync with that while Fire has no effect on him so refrain from using that. We would recommend you capture the monster instead of carving him as it increases the probability of getting the Omniplegia Sac. Capturing a monster instead of carving will help you take more resources from them and this is true for not only the Volvidon but others as well.

This was all you needed to know to get the Omniplegia Sac, if you want to know how to get the Thunder Sac in MHR check out the linked article.