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Metal Wolf Chaos XD Delivers Its Anime Style Trailer Ahead Of Launch

Redefining Washington Formals

Check out this bizarre yet amazing trailer for Metal Wolf Chaos XD, developed by From Software, this game certainly flew under the radar but with an anime-style trailer for a game featuring mech suits, it is certainly going to raise eyebrows.

Powerhouse Animation is the studio behind this trailer and it has split opinions over the actual trailer, people have been asking for a proper visual representation of the game while they have this anime trailer.


Metal Wolf Chaos XD was first released way back in 2004 and this is a remastered version with an overall improvement on graphics, sound, which would be more representational of this generation.

The trailer shows the President of the United States goes 1 on 1 with the Vice President with both of them rocking their amazing mech suits. The trailer certainly got us talking as we have completely forgotten about the game.

It will be amazing to be able to play a game from 15 years back with improvements. More and more developers are trying to bring back classic games from the past to a newer generation.


The game will be releasing on the 6th of August to players worldwide and will be available for Xbox One, PC and PS4.