How To Get Metaglio Left In Vampire Survivors

Here's a simple guide on how to get Metaglio Left in Vampire survivors.

Metaglio Left is a useful passive ability in Vampire Slayers and players around the world are looking for ways to get it. The sole purpose of this game is to survive against waves of monsters coming at you from every direction. As more time passes, they will get stronger and their numbers will increase. However, you too will get new and stronger weapons, items, and abilities to fight them off. Since there are tons of abilities, you must select the best of them. This guide will tell you how to get one of the best defensive abilities in this game.

Metaglio Left in Vampire Survivors

Unlock Metaglio Left using the Yellow Sign

If you are new to this game, then you have a lot of unlocking to do. Metaglio Left is a stage item and players can obtain it after unlocking the Yellow Sign. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Unlock the bonus Moongolow stage and complete it. You will have to survive and defeat the boss which should spawn at the 15-minute mark.
  • Once you complete it, you will be transported to the hidden stage called Holy Forbidden and you have to complete it as well. Don’t fret if you are not able to as you can access it from your Stage Selection Screen.
  • At the stage’s endpoint, you will find the Yellow Sign in a sea of stained-glass windows.
  • Using this sign, you can find the hidden items on all stages including Metaglio Left.
  • This item is guarded by a boss so be ready to defeat it. Once you do, you will receive a Golden Egg as well.

Metaglio Left is an excellent defensive ability and you can upgrade it to level 9 to increase its effect. Coming to its effect in the game, this ability increases the Recovery stat by 0.1 and multiplies Max Health by 1.05 per level. That makes it an asset to survive longer in the game. You will also need it along with Metaglio Right to evolve Laurel into Crimson Shroud. This ability caps incoming damage to 10 damage per hit from any monster. So having this ability will be beneficial against strong monsters.

That’s everything on how to get Metaglio Left in Vampire Survivors. For more helpful guides like How to Get Bloody Tear Whip, visit GamerTweak soon.