How To Get The Bloody Tear Whip In Vampire Survivors

Here's a simple guide on how to get the Bloody Tear Whip in Vampire Survivors.

The Bloody Tear Whip is an effective weapon in Vampire Survivors, and players are looking for ways to get it. In this minimalistic survival game, all you have to do is survive against the waves of monsters for as long as possible. As time passes, these enemies get more challenging and their numbers increase. But you also get new and powerful weapons and abilities. Every character has a unique weapon, which you can evolve. This guide will tell you how to evolve the whip in Vampire Survivors.

How to Upgrade the Whip to Get Bloody Tear in Vampire Survivors

Unlock Bloody Tear Whip in a Chest

If you are new to the game, then you will start with the character, Antonio Belpaese. His starting weapon is the whip, which attacks horizontally and passes through the enemy. To get the Bloody Tear, you have to evolve Antonio’s whip to the max level (Level 8) and acquire one Hollow Heart. Then, kill one of the stronger monsters to get a chest. Once you open it, you will get the Tear Whip inside it.

Note that it’s not guaranteed so you might have to open a few chests. Here’s a breakdown of how you can upgrade the Whip:

  • Pick up all the Blue Gems by killing monsters.
  • Once the blue bar at the top is full, you will get 3 options to either upgrade your weapon or get a new item.
  • Choose the option to upgrade the Whip till it reaches level 8.
  • Get the Hollow Heart item as well.

Why should you Upgrade the Whip?

The Bloody Tear Whip is a powerful weapon but we recommend using it in certain levels like the library. That’s because of its attack pattern. Similar to the whip, this weapon slashes horizontally damaging enemies at the top and the sides. This leaves you vulnerable against enemies coming from the bottom. However, the weapon also has a life-steal ability. Meaning, you will regain 8 HP for every critical hit. You can further upgrade it to increase its Area of Damage and the number of slashes. Moreover, you can evolve it as well into a Fuwalafuwaloo by combining it with max-level Vento Sacro.

That’s everything from us on how to get the Bloody Tear Whip in Vampire Survivors. For more helpful guides like How to Unlock Big Trouser, visit GamerTweak soon.