How To Merge Accounts – Apex Legends Cross Progression

Looking to merge your Apex Legends accounts? Here’s all you will need.

Apex Legends finally has cross progression with the Season 19 update and the fans have been waiting this for a long time. Now, that cross-progression is here, all your accounts on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Switch will be merged into one. If you are not sure, our guide here will help you merge accounts in Apex Legends.

Fans have been calling for cross-progression since ages and the devs have finally responded. However, to make sure that all your skins, heirlooms, levels, and other factors remain the same whether you play on PC or console, players will have their accounts merged into one. If you have been wondering if you could skip account merging, you should know that it is mandatory.

Apex Legends Cross Progression & How to Merge Accounts

What is Merged in Apex Legends Cross Progression
Image Source: Apex Legends via EA

Players will receive and in-game prompt to merge accounts in Apex Legends after which their skins, heirlooms, & currency will be merged into one. The account that players use more often and is high on level and stats will be considered the master account and the others will be removed.

What is Merged in Apex Legends Cross Progression?

EA Sports have explained the entire cross progression in this article along with a few FAQs. According to EA, the following items will be merged:


Apex CoinsPC/Xbox/PlayStation: same balance across platforms
Nintendo: purchases and earned remain exclusive to Nintendo
Crafting MaterialsEA Account bound: same balance across platforms
Legend Tokens
Heirloom Shards


Unlocked Legends and inventory will be the same across platforms except for platform exclusives.

Limited to PlayStation PS+ Pack Items 
Limited to XboxXbox Founder’s Edition
Xbox Gold Items
Limited to Nintendo P.A.T.H. Legendary Skin 

PS+ and Xbox Gold items may be similar, they will be limited to the platform they were earned on unless they were earned on both platforms.

Note: the current Apex Legends EA Play Subscription Rewards must be redeemed by October 31, 2023. They will not be available after this date as rewards will be paused until Cross Progression is fully launched.


1st Party Platform Achievements/TrophiesLocked to each platform, but progress based achievements/trophies will unlock after accounts are linked
Ranked LeaderboardsLocked to each platform
Challenges Completed (Rewards/BP)EA Account bound: same across platforms
Prize Tracks

Note: stats cannot be merged across platforms, so they will default to your primary profile. Any badges tied to stats from other profiles merged into your EA Account may not be available.

That’s all we have from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Apex Legends guides while you are here at Gamer Tweak.