How To Get Mods On Melon Playground

Unable to find the mods for this explosive sandbox game? Check out our guide on how to get Mods in Melon Playground.

Melon Playground is an explosive and creative sandbox and simulator game by TwentySeven. It is a fun game that you can play to lose your frustration and be creative. But while you can play this game endlessly, the different mods add flair to the game. You can either create and edit different mods or install the created mods. But several players are confused about getting these mods. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get mods in Melon Playground.

How to Get Mods in Melon Playground (Android)

You can get a wide range of different Mods from the official Discord Server link. Here’s the Discord link for the Melon Playground:

After you join their server, accept the rules and complete the verification to access their channels. You will find different categories and channels on their left pane. You need to select and expand the Communities Work category. As you expand the section, select the workshop custom channel to find the different Mods. Now, once you have downloaded the suitable mods, follow the below steps to install them:

  • As you launch Melon Playground, select the File Manager option.
  • Then, select the option for Downloads to the top-right of your screen.

melon playground mods

  • You will find all of your downloaded Mods over there.
  • You need to select the suitable Mod and hit the Copy to Mods option.
  • If you are having trouble installing it, you can also manually move them to the Mods section.
  • For that, you need to copy the Mod file from the Downloads and move them to the Mods folder.
  • The default file directory on your Android device will be as follows: /storage/emulated/0/Android/com.TwentySeven.MelonPlayground/files/Mods
  • Now, launch the game to check if the mods are installed successfully or not.

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