Fortnite: What Is A Melee Weapon?

Know everything about the Melee Weapons in Fortnite.

Apart from long-range combats where the guns play their roles, Melee Weapons are useful in close-ranged battles. However, in Fortnite, melee weapons play a very important role as they are used for both combat and gathering resources. There are four classes known as Constructor, Ninja, Outlander, and Soldier in Fortnite. Among all these, the Ninja class is an expert in utilizing the melee weapons. Although, check out this guide and know what are Melee Weapons in Fortnite.

What is a Melee Weapon in Fortnite?

Melee Weapon in Fortnite

Apart from any other weapon in the game, a melee weapon does not use any kind of ammo. Moreover, it is possible to use this weapon infinite times in the game. As the game begins, the default melee weapon you carry is a Harvesting Tool. It is used to destroy objects like walls and trees to gather resources. Further, these gathered resources are used to create structures like roofs, floors, slopes, etc.

Thereafter, like any other weapon in the game, a melee weapon has many skins too. This game is known for its collaborations and events wherein there are always new skins and cosmetics made available for the players to acquire.

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  • Check out some of the melee weapons that can be found in the Standard Playlist of Fortnite:
    • Pickaxe – This melee weapon is used to dig and collect resources. It deals comparatively lower damage.
    • Infinity Blade – This mythic sword causes high damage to the opponent and provides an increased HP.
    • Sideways Scythe – Increased speed, high jump, and swing attack are provided by this weapon. Moreover, it gives HP after eliminating an enemy.
    • Lightsaber – This Mythic weapon has the capability to block incoming damage. In return, it causes a decent amount of damage.
    • Darth Vader’s Lightsaber – Same as the Lightsaber but can be thrown to damage the enemy.
    • Kingsman – This melee weapon in Fortnite is capable of blocking the damage and hurting them equally. Additionally, it offers a temporary redeployment of the glider.

That’s everything you should know about the melee weapons in Fortnite. If you liked this article, then make sure to check out our other Fortnite guide on Crescent Shroom Pickaxe.