How To Get Game Boy Color Game For Grimace’s Birthday At McDonald’s

Grimace's 52nd Birthday celebrations sees McDonald's release a new Game Boy Color game called Grimace's Birthday.

McDonald’s has released a new Game Boy Color game to celebrate Grimace’s 52nd Birthday and here’s how to get it. Krool Toys and McDonald’s have collaborated for this occasion to celebrate the mascot’s birthday. It’s Grimace’s Birthday and he is throwing the party of the year but none of his McDonaldland friends have shown up. 11:30 on the clock and Grimace has to round up Birdie the Early Bird, the Hamburglar, and the McNugget Buddies before it’s time to blow his candles out.

How to Get McDonald’s New Game Boy Color Game Grimace’s Birthday

McDonald's Release A New Game Boy Color Grimace Game

Krool Toys have created a Grimace’s Birthday section on their website and anyone can access it through their mobile or PC browser and play McDonald’s new Game Boy Color game. Additionally, if you have a Game Boy Color lying around in working conditions, you can download the ROM file here. Grimace’s Birthday celebrations also include the limited edition Grimace Birthday Meal at McDonald’s. The meal contains, Ten Pcs of Chicken McNuggets, Medium Fries, and the newly debuted purple Milkshake with whipped cream served in a plastic cup labeled ‘Grimace’s Birthday’.

The collab is quite similar to Sneak King, the collab that Burger King had with Microsoft back in 2006. Before the time runs out, you will have to help Grimace collect 40 Milkshakes across four levels and reach the goal. While the first two levels of the game will have Grimace skateboarding, he will be running in the next two levels. Before starting the game, you can also check out how the Normal Mode and Hard Mode influence the gameplay and select accordingly. The game recommends Normal Mode for mobile phone users.

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