How To Fix Mateo Not Appearing At End Of Route In Pokemon GO? (Answered)

Finished the route but Mateo didn’t show up in Pokemon GO? Here is what you can do to summon him.

A Route to New Friendships is the Special Research in Pokemon GO where you meet Mateo. When you open his research he ends by saying “Whenever you hear adventure calling, find me on a Route and I’ll show you what I mean!”. This hint in itself is a disaster because we know Routes isn’t the most stable feature in this game. While it is sad, it comes as no surprise that at times Mateo doesn’t show up at the end of the route. Luckily you can try these fixes to help yourself.

How to Fix Mateo Not Showing Up in Pokemon GO

Mateo Not Showing Up In Pokemon GO Fix
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak

You should restart your game to make Mateo appear. As cheesy as this fix may sound, it seems to fix this problem for many users. Thanks to u/Disgruntled__Goat on Reddit for sharing this solution. You can check out their thread here.

However, if this fix doesn’t work here are some other solutions that you can try:

  • Clear the game’s Cache: This is a fix that can work for Android users. Go to your phone’s App Settings. Look for Pokemon GO and clear its cache. Now start the game and see if Mateo pops up at the end of the route.
  • Reinstall the game: Installing the game freshly may also help you resolve it. Simply open the Google Play or Apple App Store, uninstall and download Pokemon GO from here. Sign in to your account and see if you are still having issues with this error.

Lastly, if the above solutions don’t work then you will have to wait for the developers at Niantic to release an update after fixing this issue. This is a problem that has trainers everywhere confused, and since there isn’t much information available regarding how frequent his appearance is after quests, many consider it to be random.

Hopefully, using the above tricks you should have made Mateo show up. While you are here also check out our guide on how to catch the Galarian Birds.