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Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Release Date Leaked in Pre-Order Listing

A UK retailer could have started pre-orders for the Mass Effect Trilogy and has also leaked the release date of the title. At least, this was verified in a pre-order receipt shown above in the image.

Although an official announcement from Electronic Arts is still pending, rumors about a remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy persist. Now a British retailer could have given another indication of the existence of the collection.

On the UK retail store GAME, fans have discovered a game called “N7”  that was supposed to hit the market on 27 September 2020. Since the term “N7” is closely related to the Mass Effect series, the resourceful fans assume that it is the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Furthermore, some of them have already been able to make a deposit and pre-order “N7” accordingly. In the meantime, GAME has also changed the release date of the game to October 30, 2020. This can be seen as another placeholder appointment.

The only question now is whether Electronic Arts will actually release the remaster trilogy this year. The publisher may use the upcoming Gamescom to officially announce the Mass Effect Trilogy. Until then, one can only speculate whether one can relive the story of Commander Shepard.

With Mass Effect, Electronic Arts and BioWare had created their own sci-fi universe, with the N7 Commander Shepard at the center. This faces a massive threat from the reaper who wants to destroy the galaxy. This results in an interstellar war that also leads players to different planets. There you can also make decisions that can affect the future of entire races.

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