Mass Effect Trilogy Will Release Fall 2020 – Rumor

According to recent reports, Electronic Arts is indeed working on the Mass Effect Trilogy. It is said that the blockbuster games of EA are slated to release in this year’s Christmas time.

The Mass Effect trilogy has been quite popular with players of the last generation, although its ending has raised more than a few controversies about it. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen the release on the market of only one new chapter, Mass Effect Andromeda, which has been marred by several launch problems and, in any case, offered a much lower overall quality than its predecessors.

For some time now there have been several rumors that speak of a possible reissue of the original trilogy, which should use the Frostbite 3 graphics engine and offer an improved combat system and more.

To all of these rumors, an editor of GameReactor was recently added, who said that Electronic Arts has ambitious plans for the titles, so much so that Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster will release during this fall season, taking the place of other successful series such as Battlefield or Star Wars.

The editor did not provide any further details on the remastered collection. It is speculated that the Mass Effect Trilogy will release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Implementations of the game for the two next-generation consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X are also possible.

Obviously, we are still waiting for an official confirmation, therefore, this news must be taken with due precautions. We hope to find out more on June 18, when the EA Play Live 2020 digital event will take place.

In recent news, it was also rumored that the Mass Effect Trilogy HD remaster will be also coming to Nintendo Switch.