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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Get Wrex’s Family Armor?

Here’s how to get the Wrex family armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Wrex is one of the most loved characters from the original Mass effect installment. While the Legendary edition doesn’t add much to his storyline there is already enough of Wrex for players. There are some missions as well which help you know more about Wrex’s history. Completing these missions helps you get Wrex’s loyalty as well. This becomes very important throughout the game and especially during the final suicide mission of Mass Effect 2. Let’s see how to get the Wrex Family Armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Get The Wrex Family Armor In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


Wrex’s family armor has been on a planet name Tuntau since the Krogan Rebellions. You can get the mission on Shepard’s journal by simply talking to Wrex on the Normandy and use all the dialogue options. After some conversations, he will tell you about his past. How he was cheated by his father and how to get Wrex’s Family armor. Another way of getting the mission is you directly land on Tuntau and look for the person who has the armor. You will find the person in the Phoenix system on Tuntau.

After landing on Tuntau players can find the Actus base towards the south of where they land. The base will be guarded by enemies so fill your arsenal accordingly. Beware as there will be lots of guards inside as well. The guards will be easy to defeat as they are pirates. Once you are done with them head to the top floor of the base. You can find a safe containing the armor, it will be encrypted but can be overridden and decrypted easily. We recommend you take Wrex on the mission with you as when you get the armor he will comment on the armor triggering another conversation. The conversation won’t make any difference but completing the mission will certainly get you Wrex’s loyalty which will help you save everyone on the final suicide mission.

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